Bart Northcote 2: A Search for Family, won the Beverly Hills Book Awards in the Mystery category in 2016.

Bart Northcote 1: The Ishtar Cup won the SPR Book Awards in 2016.

I  have been a collector and a reader of mystery novels for many years (I have to admit my mother got me started). I really like the style of the 1940s, and I try to give my novels a 1940s vibe. I should know that era well, since it was my childhood! The Bart Northcote series is set in the mid-1990s, a time of exuberance and excess.
In my spare time I was a forensic psychiatrist. I shared my mystery hobby with many of my friends in the field, who also devoured psychological thrillers. Some people like murder mysteries or other dark subjects. I try to keep my writing lighter, without (I hope) sacrificing character development.

I have a large collection of pulp novels that I dip into if I need inspiration. I grew up in Southern California and it is no surprise that I have a fondness for LA based Private Eyes. In my books I like to play with the image of a "hard boiled" character. Some aspects of my PI are hard boiled, but other aspects of my character are the opposite of what one might expect. I like the fact that modern mystery novels are more open to new ideas and characters.

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